Visit a church

There are many challenges to living a life as a Christian in this world. That is why it is important for you to find other Christians, who can help and support you on your new path.

Indispensable: Having solid Christian friends and a fellowship that is founded on sound biblical doctrine.

Having fellowship with other Christians is encouraging and gives you strength. The Bible teaches that regular fellowship with other Christians is a vital part of living a life as a Christian. Even the very first Christians got together with others in their community and attended worship services in addition to holding cell group meetings in their homes. “Church” in its original context means the “fellowship of believers.” When people who follow Jesus come together, “church” happens.

It is good to sing, pray and hear God’s Word from the Bible together. Where people gather in Jesus’ name, God promises to be among them by his spirit. If I take part in such a fellowship with an open heart and mind, I can learn important things about my life in faith and my everyday life as well. As I listen to the sermon, I find out what the Bible says and hear how other Christians have experienced God in various situations.

Finding a church

Perhaps you have received a tract with the address of a church imprinted on it, or you personally know the one who gave you the tract. Ask about it and visit a church in your area. It is rewarding! You can also contact us. We know where churches are in all of Nepal and would be happy to help you find one. You can contact us HERE.