In search of security

Shilpi Sharma is an airhostess with a private airlines. She is a multi talented girl who can paint and sing well too. She was born in an affluent family but she didn’t have any relationship with God. Inspite of her having a lot of talents her life almost got destroyed.

She was in search of security and in her search she resorted to things that belonged to this world. ‘I grew up around people who based their security on numbers and sizes. The bigger the cars the better the security. The bigger the size of the house, the more secure we were. My strength came from lies and pretense,’ said Shilpi.

Something happened and the world she knew changed all of a sudden. ‘By the time I was 18, my parents lost most of their wealth because of their lavish lifestyle and my dad's failing health. My castle in the seashore crumbled down. I didn't know what to do. I believed that the best would be to have a rich boyfriend who could fulfill all my needs. With this thought my road to destruction begun. Earlier I was deceptive and proud, now I became a drug addict and a rebel,’ she said.

Her search for security took her to many places. ‘In search of security, I shifted from one city to another. I did all this to find security but it did not give me any permanent sense of security. In fact in the process of maintaining relationships with my boyfriends, I had to shed many tears,’ said Shilpi.

Finally something happened that drew her attention towards God. ‘Once my parents sent me to live with an aunt who was a believer. The first evening at her house, she was having a prayer meeting. I also sat with them for prayer. That day as I listened to a pastor talk from the Bible and I heard some simple prayers. Then something happened to me. For the first time I felt close to God. I stayed on at that house for a couple of months. I learned more about Jesus Christ and He started occupying my thoughts,’ said Shilpi.

Shilpi began to learn more about Jesus. ‘One day, I heard about heaven eternity and all of this was available because of the cross of Jesus Christ. Because the Son of God paid the price for all my sin I could have abundant life here and live with Him forever in heaven. At first, I was attracted to the promises that were available for this life. Gradually my faith grew and I understood that Lord Jesus is alive and He is the one take care of all the difficulties. And this brought me a new sense of security,’ said Shilpi.

Shilpi was able to put her old life behind as she embraced God. ‘As time went by I realized that God is my reward and my inheritance - the blessings are just a bonus. I understood slowly that God is interested in every detail of my life and He is not interested in giving me a quick fix but to give me the surety of adoption into His family for eternity,’ she said.

This realization caused a great change. ‘My life began to change. I felt His presence around me. I understood the love and commitment of God for me. I stopped doing drugs, broke up with my boyfriends, started honoring my parents but most importantly, I began to feel secure,’ she said.

Today Shilpi knows the greatest truth about her life. In accepting Jesus she has regained her dignity and peace. ‘My God takes care of me. In John 10:10 He says, ‘The thief comes only to steal, kill and destroy. I came that they may have life, and have abundant life. Today God is with me and this truth makes me feel secure and abundant,’ says Shilpi with great joy.

Shilpi is aware that Jesus Christ is the ultimate security for her. Nothing and nobody on  earth can give better security than Him.


Datum: 24. May 2013 - 9:08