Power and Authority

My husband, my daughter (14 months) and I flew to South Africa from the UK to go and visit my parents.  While in the plane, I,—who never could sleep on planes—fell asleep with my daughter asleep on my lap. My husband had his head phones on watching a film. I sat by the window, my husband was in the middle and a man was at the end.

I was about to go into this deep sleep when suddenly someone tapped my shoulder. I woke up and then looked at my husband. His eyes were wide open. I said to him, “why are you not asleep?” He didn’t respond. I called him twice (this time he didn’t have his head phones on), but still no response. I touched his face and realized he was sweating, but cold sweat. I looked at him and I saw death—that’s how I can explain the feeling.

I started praying. I said, “Devil get your hands off my husband. You have no power over him in the name of Jesus” and then I prayed in the spirit (tongues). I was praying really loud, but no one even came or looked at me. The guy next to my husband was fast asleep.

I realized then this was a spiritual attack. I prayed with authority and braveness. In the end, I woke the guy up and I told him I thought there was something wrong with my husband. The man tried to wake him up, but nothing happened. He said, “I think he is having a stroke!” The guy went to get the flight attendant. Before they could come, my husband woke up and said, “I am ok!”

The devil was taking my husband that night, but he is a liar. Life does not belong to him. Glory to God. My husband is alive and well, praise God! And thank you, Father, for giving us authority and power to destroy the power of darkness!

Source: storiesaboutgod.org

Datum: 23. May 2013 - 10:01