Photographer in pain

Sandeep Sadarangani is a photographer by profession. Standing tall and fit at 6 feet, Sundeep enthusiastically travelled around capturing and freezing moments. He wasn’t aware that something was terribly going wrong inside his body until it started to show slowly. In early 2002, he developed a severe back pain. He also started losing a lot of weight.

Initially, he ignored it attributing it to his athlete days but the pain started to intensify. Every night he would writhe in pain and nights became dreadful for him. He describes the pain in this manner, “It would be so painful, so painful as if somebody has put the hand into my stomach and you know the knife is cutting me up inside, that kind of a pain. For the 1st few months I used to wake up my wife and tell her, ‘I have pain you pray’ she would hold me and we would pray together cry I would literally be crying.”

Numerous tests were conducted but none revealed a clear picture of the underlying problem. The backache was becoming unbearable. An extensive investigation and a series of tests conducted revealed tumour of the aorta, which is the main artery that supplies blood from the heart to the various parts of the body. The doctor was in utter shock. “In the abdominal portion of the aorta, there was a tumour which was completely encasing the aorta. So, that was a very tricky situation and we didn’t know what we were dealing with”, said the doctor.

Doctors were perplexed as they had not dealt with such a case before and they had no previous record to fall back on. Since the nature, extent and the magnitude of the tumour was unclear, surgical exploration was the only way out. Although it was a ‘catch 22’ situation, doctors had to give a try or else the problem would persist.

That evening, Sundeep and his wife Sudha discussed about the future, about the children in case of any untoward eventuality. In that uncertain situation, Sudha remembered a comforting verse from the Holy Bible. She put it in words for Sandeep, “For every catch 22 situation there is a Psalm 23 which says ‘though I walk through the valley of shadow and death I shall fear no harm, I shall fear no death” He was so comforted on hearing this because his primary concern was Sudha and how she would manage if something ever happened to him. He was amazed at the way God was preparing their hearts for the surgery.

Sundeep had always held Jesus close to his heart but the significance of the crucifixion of Christ on the cross struck him as he lay on the operation table with outstretched arms. He remembers the thoughts that ran through him that time, “It was at that point of time in my life, I had never seen anybody who would lie down like this other than the fact of what Jesus did on the cross because he lay down just like that. He was probably ruptured in the same areas with the nails going through his wrist through his hands. It’s just that I am going through it with anaesthesia but he did it without anaesthesia” That thought of the absolute surrender of Jesus on the cross and his absolute surrender to him because of what he did on the cross was an amazing example and an understanding of who Jesus is to him.

On slitting a 21 cms incision, the enormity and the complexity of the tumour which had evaded the doctors was before their eyes. A vital artery had to be removed. The operation proved successful. Doctors had achieved an unprecedented feat and all were thrilled.

Years rolled by with Sundeep going for regular scans. The latest scan showed no sign of the tumour and everyone was relieved. Sandeep knew that it was God’s faithfulness. The doctor was equally amazed and he gleefully expressed his happiness saying, “It’s a very pleasant surprise, there was absolutely no tumour and everything has vanished, even whatever little was seen.”

Sundeep is back to work with more passion and zeal. He sees his photographs in a new light. Every detail speaks to him of God’s magnificence, of how Jesus Christ healed him by the wounds and stripes He bore on the cross.

He encourages everyone thorough these words, “One lesson that I truly learnt was this that my life is only because of who He is and He wants us to be dependent on him; not that God is a task master where He says ‘you know you better listen to me or I’ll punish you’; it is not a fear driven love but a love that is genuine and absolute. My very being, existence is only because of who Jesus is and what he has done on the cross.


Datum: 24. May 2013 - 10:00