How to pray

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It is so refreshing and liberating to pray to a living God. Prayer should be something as natural as breathing. We can pray to Jesus Christ and to God, the Father in heaven. God desires for us to converse with him as with a good friend, telling him everything on our minds and on our hearts. Since God is omniscient, he already knows what your thoughts and needs are before you even talk with him about them. But he enjoys hearing from you anyway. Tell him all your fears and hopes. Ask him to help you in your everyday life. Thank him for all he is doing in your life.

Develop the practice of prayer


As Christ’s followers, we have been set free, and our prayers should reflect that freedom. Christian prayer differs from that of other religions in that it is not mandatory, not prescribed by laws and has no predefined forms. It is, however, important to develop a prayer practice that is comfortable to you. Setting aside a specific time for prayer each day is a good idea. Whether it be early morning, during a peaceful noontime break, while taking a walk in the evening or just before going to bed – it all depends on your personal habits. When or where you spend your “quiet time” – perhaps 5 to 15 minutes that you set aside to pray and read in the Bible – is really not important.


Breathing involves inhaling and exhaling. Similarly, prayer involves listening and speaking. Expect to receive an answer from Jesus. He is your friend and enjoys conversing with you – no matter where you are – during the entire day and all week long. Take a deep breath!