God found a criminal hiding in a crypt

God found a criminal hiding in a crypt -- David was so blinded in darkness and debilitated by drugs that he used a crypt as a hideout from the police for months. The only thing that saved him was the love and passion of an Evangelistic Outreach in the streets of the Dominican Republic.

At a young age, David fled his home in search of a life beyond poverty. By age 14 he was a crime boss, leading a gang of 22 men. They dismantled cars, raided banks, and dealt drugs. Eventually, the police issued warrants for the apprehension of all 23 members-dead or alive. David went into hiding. He hid in a crypt thinking, "No one will find me here unless there is a funeral."

David hid in the cemetery for three months in a drug-induced state. During this time, only two arrests were made for members of his gang—the majority were shot and killed. David was out of his mind with anxiety and worry.

The Spirit of God

Eventually, he wandered into the street and stumbled across an evangelistic outreach. The spirit of God brought conviction on his heart as he heard the clear message of the Gospel. He cried out in repentance. The church members carried him forward for prayer because he could no longer stand due to the influence of drugs.

From that day forward David followed Jesus Christ. He cleaned up his life, and God gave him a passion to help young people in the Dominican Republic living harmful lifestyles. He relocated and began Bible League International's church planter training which equipped him to lead others to the one true God.

After completing his church planter training, David began several home Bible studies. In a few months, the groups expanded to nearly 100 people. "They are delinquents, drug pushers, and former assassins," shares David. "But they are God's children in need of His hope and love."

Today, God is using David’s passion to fuel more evangelistic outreach to those in need in order to build up the next generation of Christian leaders in the Dominican Republic.

Source: godreports.com

Datum: 24. May 2013 - 8:59